EZ Suspension Block

Another item I have designed which has also had a big positive reaction is the EZ Suspension Block:

• Extra Firm Suspension Block in TPU materials (colours at the bottom and on the buy page).
• Similar firmness to the CHPT3 red block (stiffer and higher performance).
• Aesthetically blended shape.
• Increased ground clearance when folded.
• 3D Printed with 3 different internal density zones.
• Less than 35g (replaces latest standard block and end plate which is 37g).
• Adjustable to reduced rear triangle rattle.
• Can install rigid end plate upside down to prevent locking.


It is generally regarded in order of firmness from least to most :
1. Brompton Original.
2. Brompton Standard (as fitted to new Bromptons).
3. Brompton Firm.
= Brompton CHPT3 red block.
= EZ Suspension Block.
6. Joseph Kuosac Suspension block.

I would say that my block is comparable to the Red CHPT3 suspension block. Here you can see the stiffness on a Brommie :


First is to familiarise yourself with the Brompton suspension block removal and assembly procedure, as described in this video by Brilliant Bikes :

Re-use the main pin/bolt and washers from the standard Brompton suspension, just replacing the rubber block and rigid end disc with the EZ version.

The existing pin is a tight fit in the existing rigid end disc, it takes a small tap with a hammer to push it out. Hold the components as follows and tap out the pin :

Once removed you can press the pin into the supplied rigid end plate by tapping the other end of the pin while supporting the plate on wooden blocks.

The re-assembly is now the same as fitting a normal suspension block as described in the video above.

How to adjust the Rear Frame rattle
The rear frame rattles on a Brompton due to the large clearances between the rear frame locking components.

With the EZ Suspension Block you can reduce the clearances between the locking components by how much the main pin is tightened.

If you under tighten the main pin then the rear frame will rattle like on a normal Brompton with the seat post locking clip, as you start to tighten the pin more, the supplied rigid end plate will start to bend a little reducing the clearances and the rattle. If you over tighten, then the new rigid end plate will bend a bit too much and the frame locking clip will not engage very well. If this happens then loosen a little and you will have a rear frame that rattles significantly less.

Colours and Styles