How To

: Fit

Fitting the EZ Clamp Spring could not be easier.

Remove the Hinge Clamp screw fully.

Place the EZ Clamp Spring on the end of the screw and align the spreading “wings” of the widget with the Brompton Clamp Plate:

Add some oil/grease/dry lubrication to help reduce any stiction. Re-assemble the Hinge Clamp Screw into the frame (smooth side facing you for aesthetics) so it should look like this, and that’s it:

When the Brompton Clamp is fully tight, the EZ Clamp Spring sits in the small void between the hinge :

: Refresh Spring Length

It must be noted that I intentionally designed this widget long because it will bed in over a very short period of time. The first few cycles will set the working zone of the spring and will become shorter and looser which is the design intent.

A brand new EZ Clamp Spring on the left vs one that has correctly bedded in.

However if you really want to bring the spring back to full length, just pop it into some boiling water and it magically returns to it’s printed length, as good as new. This procedure really isn’t necessary unless you may have stored your Brompton un-folded for a really long time, but I hope it adds some clarity over the spring’s durability.